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Content submission guidelines

  1. The web manager typically performs submitted updates within 24 to 48 ours (if no editing is required). If you do not hear back within 48 hours, please re-submit your request and include the club president. Your submission may have been eaten by a spam filter.
  2. Please submit your story with a title and wording as it will appear on the web site. Try and make the story interesting; graphics are always nice as well.
  3. Formatting of your story may be changed to accommodate web standards, so don't spend a lot of time formatting it.
  4. Team stories should include team name, age group, competitive level and coach name(s).
  5. When submitting a story, be specific when using dates, as opposed to 'next week'.
  6. Please ensure that you have parent permission for any photos you would like published.
  7. Submitted photos will be published at 800x600 or less. Please include a title and description for the photo.
  8. When requesting story/photo updates, please specify the web page of the story you would like updated (ie http://www.surdelgirlssoccer.bc.ca/dru/node/7). Also include the specific changes you would like to see (ie. change 'abc' to 'xyz').
  9. If you need to make significant changes to your story, please resubmit the entire story along with any photos. Don't just send the changes.
  10. When submitting multiple requests, please use separate paragraphs/bullet points for them.
  11. Club executive are responsible for the accuracy and relevancy of content on the web site. This means ensuring the information submitted is accurate and to notify the webmanager when that content should be unpublished and/or removed from the site.
  12. Club executive are responsible for maintaining the 'master copy' of their lists. Any requests for changes submitted to the webmanager from a 3rd party will be sent to the list owner to update their 'master copy' first. They should then submit this to the web manager for publication.
  13. You can submit content to the webmanager via webmanager@surdelgirlssoccer.bc.ca.

In summary, your webmaster will be happy to publish the article that you write and will be happy to update the article that you provide changes for and provide the location where that article can be found.